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Our work


ACE gives out small flexible loan options that are catered to the specific production needs and repayment capacity of each customer. 


ACE assists customers in building healthy financial habits such as periodic micro-savings.

ACE provides crucial knowledge about business, social, cultivation and livestock for customers.

ACE pays regular visits to timely consult our customers and make sure that the loaned capitals are used effectively.



ACE connects our customers to a variety of markets and resources by carrying out subprojects.

Microfinance lending model

Customers receive capital loans to cover their business operational cost, develop more production activities, and generate legal income. Small flexible loan options will assist our customers, the marginalized people in Dien Bien, in familiarizing themselves with financial models and developing personal finance-management skills. Great flexibility in loan term, interest & principal repayment frequency are suitable with the growth cycle of plants and farm animals. Our calculated interest rate is "heavy" enough to motivate our customers to work, but "light" enough to not create too many difficulties for them to repay.


4,591 persons

Customers are disbursed loans

Over 80% 

Loyal customers continue to borrow


Customers are satisfied with ACE’s loaning services.


30-day risky loan balance *

* For microfinance institutions, the risky loan balance <1% is rated well.

* Figures in 2020

Vay vốn


Monthly or once every 4 weeks, current customers of the ACE Program deposit a small saving (minimum is 30.000 VND or 60.000 VND, depending on the type of group model). The purpose is to build a saving habit for our customers and to show them that saving a small amount of money periodically will become useful in the future when they have plans to invest in businesses or to cover unexpected incidents. 

ACE tập huấn trồng Lúa, phòng chống bệnh lúa cho người dân.JPG

13,523 persons

Number of customers practiced saving habits

8.34 USD

The average amount of money per depositor


Customers are satisfied with saving services.

96,500 USD

The total savings balance of The ACE Program

* Figures in 2020

Tiết kiệm


The ACE Program sets up training about finance, business, social, cultivation and livestock techniques. We use multi-sensory activities and games to increase participation and help participants memorize information with ease. Agriculture techniques are always combined with practice to help people gain hands-on experience. In 2020, ACE has organized 673 training workshops including:

ACE tập huấn khách hàng.jpg

Basic financial skills and knowledge

105 workshops

Introduction to business operation model, social vice prevention, and essential soft skills.

207 workshops

Agriculture techniques and ways to generate legal income

62 workshops

Understanding the complaints mechanism.

* Figures for 2020

Tập huấn
Tư vấn


ACE pays regular visits to timely consult our customers and make sure that the loaned capitals are used effectively. In period of 2019-2020, ACE has conducted 2020 visits to several households including:


Agricultural business consultation

2,125 trips

Checking in with customers’ capital usage and giving agricultural consultation.

384 trips

Advising social affairs and following up with customer’s business activities.


Customers are satisfied with the consultation services

* Figures in 2019 - 2020


Through subprojects, The ACE Program establishes fair trade between our customers and the current market. The subproject aims to build sustainable business models, both for our customers and the environment. We also connect our customers with social welfare systems such as public welfare for the disabled, Vietnamese citizen’s health insurance, and other humanitarian assistance to take good advantage of our social resources.

Chị Pỏm - một thành viên tiểu dự án Dệt của ACE đang dệt vải.jpg

The rice


Instructing our customers to use microbiological fertilizer to create agricultural activities that are friendly with the environment.

The weaving subproject

Helping with traditional weaving restoration to generate more income for the local people in Dien Bien.

The organic cotton subproject

Instructing people to grow organic cotton trees for organic weaving activities.

The earthworm subproject

Helping our customers take advantage of Earthworm’s waste to produce organic fertilizer and food for animals.

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