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About Anh Chi Em

Our Background

Dien Bien is a mountainous province located on the Northwestern border of Vietnam. 80% of its population belongs to different ethnic minorities whose living depends on subsistence farming activities. In 2020, Dien Bien was on the list of Vietnam's poorest provinces with a poverty rate of 39%*. Besides poverty, the province also battles with other social vices such as drug addiction, human trafficking, and many more. Inaccessibility to financial services due to the lack of collateral is a significant disadvantage for the Dien Bien locals. 

* Statistics from Department of Labors, War Invalids and Social Affairs in 2020

Our Mission
Địa bàn

About Anh Chi Em

The Anh Chi Em program provides microfinance solutions and competency improvement services to empower the socio-economic status of marginalized locals in Dien Bien. ACE's services are available in 19 communes across Dien Bien province, including:

  • Dien Bien District with 11 communes: Thanh Luong, Thanh Yen, Thanh An, Noong Het, Noong Luong, He Muong, Nua Ngam, Thanh Xuong, Sam Mun, Pom Ltt, and Thanh Nua.

  • Dien Bien Phu City with 3 communes: Muong Phang, Pa Khoang, and Na Tau.

  • Muong Ang District with 5 communes: Ang Cang, Ang Nua, Bung Lao, Xuan Lao, and Nam Lich.

The methodology

Group methodology

The ACE program fosters stable relationships development between our partners through the group method. They will hold regular meetings to deposit their savings accounts, pay loans, and attend skills training sessions.

Target beneficiaries

ACE supports the poor locals in Dien Bien, who are more vulnerable to natural disasters, climate change, disease, and unexpected life incidents.

Combination of financial and non-financial methods

Besides conventional micro-financial services such as micro-lending and micro-saving, the ACE program also offers consultation services, industrial experience sharing, and our connection resources to help the locals develop their business sustainably.

Social impact assessment

ACE regularly assesses the program's social impact to ensure that what we are doing is aligned with our social mission. We annually collect partners satisfaction and leaving surveys and evaluate our social performance index and social audit.



Since our establishment to the milestone of attaining full financial autonomy, ACE has received profound support from experts from EdM in 9 key aspects: Administration, Social Impact, Strategic Planning, Human Resource Management, Information Management System, Executive management, Office & Financial management, Risk management, and Fundraising. ACE is now recognized by The State Bank of Vietnam as a financially stable microfinance program. 

Legal basis

EdM implemented the ACE program in Dien Bien according to the following legal bases:

- Certificate of Operation No.194/CNV-HĐ (issued on 27th November 2014) the second time to new validity date which is on 18th October 2022 by Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- The Registration Certificate on Microfinance Program No.01/CNĐK-NHHH issued on March 11th 2020 by The State Bank of Vietnam validity date on 18th October 2022

- The Memorandum of Understanding between Dien Bien provincial People Committee and Entrepreneurs du Monde in the implementation of Anh Chi Em program in Dien Bien province from 2021 to 2021 issued on 8th February 2021.

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We are always interested in new cooperation to connect resources and better support our partners with more connections and training.

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