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Social Impact

Approach right customer

ACE makes sure that we don’t deviate from the social mission of supporting the poor and vulnerable dealing with incidents in their life.
The following beneficiaries approach index in 2020:

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95% of customers is ethnic minority

In Vietnam, ethnic minorities are often susceptible to falling into poverty. ACE sets its goals at 90% of its customers belonging to an ethnic minority.

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98% of customers are women

ACE’s goal is to empower women by providing the tools necessary to improve their productivity.

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24% of customers having to live with poverty or near-poverty

In 2020, in 100 new customers, 24 customers are in poverty or near-poverty. Despite not achieving the target of 42-45% in 2019-2020, compared with the poverty rate in 3 communes/city where ACE is operating, which is 13%, we can see ACE has successfully approached a lot of disadvantaged households in the area of operation.


69% of customers don’t have or have but less Valuable necessary properties

Not having valuable properties like a motorbike, buffalo,  cow, field, tractor, hulling machine, the fish pond partly demonstrates the household's vulnerability. ACE’s support for such groups of people  has been stable in 2019-2020.

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47% of customers have monthly expenditure per person under 1,000,000 VND

ACE gears towards households with monthly income under 1,000,000 VND/person. This number gives ACE a different perspective of approaching the poor by looking at their living conditions through their spending rather than their earnings. In the period of 2019-2020, the number of first-round customers at ACE having an income under 1,000,000 VND fluctuated within the range of 50%, which fits with the target of ACE.

Đúng đối tượng

Capacity building

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Customers lifted out of poverty

Sampled customers in poverty states fell from 24,5% on the first round to 17% on the third-round loan. This is considered a positive note regarding the difficulties faced by the province in general.

The analysis below compares socioeconomic conditions of  a random group selected by ACE that has 107 customers on the first-round loan and 107 third-round customers in the period from 2018 to 2020:

Bà Quàng Thị Phanh hạnh phúc khi được vay vốn ACE và có lứa trâu khỏe mạnh.jpg

Customers come from having nothing to possessing valuable assets

The trend after 2 rounds of loans, many customers come from nothing to having valuable necessary assets such as motorbike, buffalo/cow,  refrigerators, over 1.500m2 of field,  tractors/milling machines, fish ponds over 1.000m2. Motorbike possession witnessed a slight increase because it is a common and necessary asset for daily activities and production practices. 

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