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Bà Quàng Thị Phanh hạnh phúc khi được vay vốn ACE và có lứa trâu khỏe mạnh.jpg


The sub-projects are located to connect and expand the market so that people can buy input materials and sell output products at fair prices. People participating in the subproject are trained in agricultural techniques to be able to develop crops and livestock in a sustainable way.


Rice sub-project

Nearly 30 households in 03 communes of Muong Phang, Ang Cang and Sam Mun together practice the habit of using microbial fertilizers, liming to adjust soil pH instead of using chemical fertilizers with the goal of clean agriculture. and protect the environment.

Weaving fabric Sub-project

Restoring the traditional craft of weaving, dyeing natural colors, weaving fabrics which have been lost by the women's group in Na Sang 1 village, Dien Bien district in order to preserve the national identity and diversify income sources for the people.

Tieu du an tho cam1_edited.jpg

Organic cotton planting

The traditional source of organic cotton for the weaving group is grown by the people in Na Sang 1 village, based on the seed source of Nha Ho Cotton Research Institute under the connection of the Brothers and Sisters Program.

Earn worm subproject

Mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on animal feed and chemical fertilizers (due to import restrictions) through the conversion of Worms waste to produce organic fertilizers and pet food.

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