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The weaving subproject restores traditional weaving practices and increases income for local people

The weaving subproject is performed in Na Sang 1 village, Nua Ngam commune, Dien Bien district to restore traditional weaving practices, preserve national identity and diversify income sources for people. ACE’s officers have supported Na Sang 1 village women’s group on how to record and account for working days and costs, calculate prices for products to ensure fair trade, with other people conducting research and experiment with different natural dyeing methods.

Mrs. Pom, Nua Ngam commune, Dien Bien – a member of Weaving Subproject is weaving

ACE has connected Na Sang 1 village women’s group with the TrendEthics organization to exportorders to Europe. From January 1st 2019 to the present day, the program has connected to export 4 Brocade fabric orders. The improvement of products in terms of quantity and quality is the basis for Na Sang 1 weaving group to be able to export more products to Europe. ACE has connected Na Sang 1 weaving group with a training class in startup and business skills organized by Artistri Sud – a non-governmental organization in Canada, supports proficiency building for women who have workmanship but lack market access.

Mrs Pom – a member of the group said::

“The weaving project has restored traditional weaving in the village. I love weaving so much. When I was a child, I was taught this profession by my mother. However, with the pressure of life and lack of conditions to pursue weaving, I have stopped this activity for a while. Currently, with the support of ACE and TrendEthics, I have had the opportunity to continue weaving, training and teaching it for my descendants. In addition, I and other members of the group have shared knowledge and experience we know when we join weaving subproject for other people in the village.”

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