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Agriculture circulation subproject with red worm raised to convert waste and minimize the impacts of

In the fourth quarter of 2020, received funding from Microcredit for Mothers of Netherlands, the Program has carried out the earthworm subproject in 03 communes He Muong, Nam Lich and Thanh Nua with 60 beneficiaries.

Pictures of people trained techniques to raise red worm in local areas

The purpose of the subproject is to reduce environmental pollution and input costs of this agriculture production process, through a series of activities such as:

  • People collect cattle manure to raise red worms that help reduce environmental pollution caused by animal feces.

  • Vermicompost is nutritious and probiotics would replace chemical manure used for crops.

  • The redworm is considered as "ginseng – an extremely good food source" for animals (duck, goose, chicken, pig, fish).

The red worm subproject will be performed in about 2 years with effective application stages and assessment distinctly. In the meantime, the Program, local government and people assess the effectiveness of the subproject and spread it to bring benefits to the local community.

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