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A rice subproject model towards a clean and organic cultivation

“Rice subproject” model constructed by ACE

The subproject is implemented in 3 communes: Muong Phang, Ang Cang, Sam Mun heading towards clean and organic cultivation. The subproject promotes crop catering using microbiological fertilizer to adjust the pH of the soil to make it suitable for rice cultivation. This helps rice plants grow stronger and better. The program is organized in collaboration with agriculture promotion officers from Dien Bien district and Muong Ang district to offer training activities and regular field visits. This subproject uses funding from the U.S. Embassy and activation budget source of the program to cover costs of microbiological fertilizer, lime for people, business fee for officers… Although the subproject offers no compensation for participants, it is joined by nearly 30 households.

Mrs. Manh, Sam Mun village, Dien Bien province – a member joined Rice Subproject who smiles very happy when harvested a bumper crop

Results of the sub-project:

  • Villagers feel that rice grains are plumper than other fields while the soil is more porous after this treatment (even this soil can produce high-yield crops in the next harvest season)

  • Applying the appropriate farming techniques increases disease resistance of rice, meaning they are less susceptible to pests and diseases;

  • Production input costs are decreased, namely those of seeds decreased to 15% and fertilizer decreased to 33%; the subproject has changed the perception and behaviors of people, for instance, in Muong Phang who buy lime to fertilize their fields (they have never done that before). People know the beneficial impacts of cattle manure on plants. Previously, they didn’t know why someone buys cattle manure at 700.000 VND per car to use instead of using chemical manure as it is quick, cheap, and has immediate results. After the interview, people said that they will continue to use cattle manure for their fields instead of chemical manure.

  • People have known how to soak rice seeds using scientifically proven techniques to help improve the sprouting rate; have known how to sow rice at the right distance to reduce the number of rice seeds, saving costs and time for rice transplanting.

  • People in Sam Mun know how to prevent pests and diseases at the right time. Not only keeping it for themselves, but the sisters also spread their knowledge to other sisters in nearby villages.

Mrs Tong Thi Lan – Ang Cang village said:

“In the past, with 2.500m2 of the field need 7 kg of seeds and 7 days to sow, but since have joined subproject I know how to sow seeds at the right distance helps decrease the amount of rice seeds and the time to sow decrease to 4 days. I have more free time and do something else to make extra income for my family.”
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